The Graphene Handbook

The Graphene Handbook

The Graphene Handbook

Graphene Supermarket is proud to present The Graphene Handbook, 2021 Edition. This book is a comprehensive guide to graphene technology, industry and market. Graphene is the world's strongest and most conductive 2D material that is set to revolutionize entire industries.

The Graphene Handbook provides a great introduction to the world of graphene and covers everything you need to know about the graphene industry, market and technology. It is an invaluable guide for material engineers, business developers, researchers, equipment vendors, graphene material companies, private investors and anyone who wants to learn more about graphene today and in the future.

Reading this book, you'll learn all about:

  • The properties of graphene
  • Different production methods
  • Possible graphene applications
  • The latest graphene research
  • The current market for graphene materials and products
  • The main graphene challenges
  • Other promising 2D materials

The graphene book also provides:

  • A history of graphene developments
  • A graphene investment guide
  • An introduction to graphene metrology and standardization
  • A comprehensive list of graphene companies
  • A guide to other carbon allotropes

Here's what you'll find inside:

Why do we think this is the best graphene book on the market?

  • It's comprehensivecovers all the latest graphene research, companies, products and materials
  • It's updated - includes the latest developments up until January 2021
  • It's brought to you by the web's leading graphene experts and provides independent information


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