Single Layer Graphene Oxide: 1 Gram

Single Layer Graphene Oxide: 1 Gram

Single Layer Graphene Oxide: 1 Gram

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Our GO powders have improved dispersibility in various solvents. An aqueous solution may be prepared by mixing GO powder in water then sonicating the dispersion for an additional hour. Graphene oxide layers are about 1.1 ± 0.2 nm thick.

We also offer Highly Concentrated Graphene Oxide Dispersion, and can make custom dispersions and pastes up to 20 grams per liter. If you require a custom solution, please email us at



Dry powder


Composition: Carbon (79%), Oxygen (20%)

Flake size: 0.2-2 microns.

Thickness: 1 atomic layer - at least 80%.






SEM image of a Graphene Oxide Flake



  • Graphene-polymer composite materials
  • Ultrastrong graphene oxide paper
  • Transparent conductive coatings
  • Solar cells
  • Supercapacitors
  • Support for metallic catalysts
  • Low permeability materials
  • Electro-static Dissipation (ESD) films
  • Chemical and bio sensors
  • Multifunctional Materials Based on Graphene
  • Graphene Research


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