Functionalized Single Layer Graphene Oxide: 1 gram

Functionalized Single Layer Graphene Oxide: 1 gram

Functionalized Single Layer Graphene Oxide: 1 gram

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This material is a new addition to a family of 2D crystals. Unlike graphene oxide, this new material can be dissolved in a variety of organic solvents. However, this material is hydrophobic and can not be dissolved in water. The functionalized graphene oxide can be used for numerous applications as a reinforcement for polymers and nanocomposites as well as for the preparation of hydrophobic films. The highlights for Functionalized Single Layer Graphene Oxide include:

  • A new type of modified graphene oxide
  • ORG-GO disperses in organic solvents with concentrations as high as 20-40 g/L
  • ORG-GO readily forms superhydrophobic films
  • Greatly improved thermal stability if compared to pristine graphene oxide


Sample Size: 1 g

Form: Dry powder

Color: Dark Grey

Flake size: 0.3-5 microns

Thickness: 1 atomic layer

SEM image of ORG-GO film formed on Lacey carbon support.

A thin film of ORG-GO flakes is visible on SEM images:

Graphene Oxide SEM Image

Graphene Oxide SEM Image

Solubility in Organic Solvents:

To examine the solubility of ORG-GO in various organic solvents, we have dispersed approximately 20 mg of ORG-GO in 20 ml of solvent by a 5 minute ultrasonication in a bath sonicator. The results are summarized below. Light precipitation is observed in 24 hours for solvents that show GOOD solubility with ORG-GO. However no precipitation is observed for ORG-GO dissolved in solvents with EXCELLENT solubility.

GO Solubility Image

GO Solubility Table Image

Traditionally, stable graphene oxide solutions can be prepared only in water, or in a limited selection of organic solvents, such as dimethylformamide (DMF) and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMS). In other organic solvents, GO tends to agglomerate and precipitate, which significantly limits its practical large-scale applications. Our functionalized graphene oxide powder (ORG-GO) forms highly stable solutions with a variety of organic solvents including butyl acetate, tetrahydrofuran (THF), ethanol, chloroform, etc. These solvents dramatically improve GO processability. In addition, high-concentration solutions (as high as 30 mg/mL) can be readily prepared in THF and chloroform.

Improved Thermal Stability:

We have performed an Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) of pristine graphene oxide and functionalized ORG-GO. As it is reported in academic literature and confirmed by our results that graphene oxide powder tends to lose up to 40% of its weight near 200 C. This is an irreversible effect caused by the detachment of oxygen-containing groups from GO surface. In contrast, the ORG-GO powder does not show any significant weight loss up to 240C. With an improved thermal stability, the range of applications for ORG-GO surpasses that of graphene oxide materials; especially when processing at elevated temperatures is required.

Graphene Oxide TGA Image

Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) curves for graphene oxide (GO) and functionalized graphene oxide (ORG-GO)

Raman spectroscopy:

Comparison of Raman spectra of graphene oxide (GO) and functionalized graphene oxide (ORG-GO) shows that these spectra are similar, suggesting that in-plane structure of ORG-GO is mostly unaffected by functionalization.

Graphene Oxide Raman Image

Raman spectra of graphene oxide (GO) and functionalized graphene oxide (ORG-GO)

Preparation of Superhydrophobic Surfaces:

Unlike hydrophilic graphene oxide (GO), functionalized graphene oxide (ORG-GO) is hydrophobic. Thin ORG-GO films demonstrate superhydrophobic properties.

Graphene Oxide Droplet

A water droplet deposited on thin ORG-GO film.

Electrical Properties:

Similar to graphene oxide, ORG-GO easily forms paper-like coatings that are electrically insulative. These films can be reduced either by thermal or chemical treatments.


We recommend this product be stored in a dry environment and tightly sealed in a container with a desiccant included.

  • Composite filler for interfacial reinforcement
  • Superhydrophobic coatings
  • Biology and medicine
  • Sensors
  • Highly concentrated graphene inks

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Academic References:

Breakdown of water super-permeation in electrically insulating graphene oxide films: role of dual interlayer spacing

Maheshwari Kavirajan Kavitha, Tushar Sakorikar, Pramitha Vayalamkuzhi and Manu Jaiswal

IOP Science, Nanotechnology, 7 June 2018: Vol 29, No. 32

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