Monolayer Graphene on SiC substrate (Epitaxially grown)

Monolayer Graphene on SiC substrate (Epitaxially grown)

Monolayer Graphene on SiC substrate (Epitaxially grown)

Epitaxially grown Monolayer Graphene Film on SiC substrate

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A high-quality epitaxial monolayer graphene is fabricated on Si-face of semi-insulating, transparent {0001} 4H-SiC substrates via solid-state graphitization. During the sublimation process, a specific buffer layer that has a distorted graphene-like structure forms between the graphene film and the underlying SiC substrate. Both the substrate and the buffer layer influence the electronic properties, resulting in intrinsic n-doping of the epitaxially grown monolayer graphene.

Note: Graphene side is facing up in the box. Take precaution while handling the sample to avoid any damage to the film.

Key Features:

Excellent carrier mobility

Controlled growth of Graphene layers

Better purity of the samples

Potential scalable method for graphene fabrication


Properties of Monolayer Graphene:

Sample Size 8mm x 8mm
Sheet Resistance 350 Ω-sq
Carrier Mobility at 300K 2500-3000 cm2V-1s-1
Carrier Density 1012 cm-2
Carrier Type Electrons
Monolayer Coverage Area 92.25 ± 5%
Graphene Coverage 99.5%
Transmittance >97%
Terrace Width/ Step Height 1-26μm /1-15 ± 2nm

Properties of SiC substrate:

Type 4H-SiC
Substrate Orientation {0001} ± 0.25 deg
Graphene facing side Si
Thickness of the substrate 350 ± 50μm
Substrate Resistivity 4.4x109 Ω-m

Raman Spectra of epitaxial monolayer graphene on SiC

The intensity of D peak (1350cm-1) is small indicating the low density of defects. The analysis of Raman spectra in the range of 1300cm-1 -1750cm-1 is complicated by the presence of second-order features corresponding to the SiC substrate.


Transmittance Data of epitaxial monolayer graphene on SiC


SEM Hall Bar Image of epitaxial monolayer graphene on SiC

Quantum Hall Effect Measurment for epitaxial monolayer graphene on SiC


Graphene Electronics

High Frequency Transistors



Chemical and Bio Sensors

Graphene Integral Circuits

Graphene Research



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