Double Sided Graphene Transfer Tape: 5 Pack

Double Sided Graphene Transfer Tape: 5 Pack

Double Sided Graphene Transfer Tape: 5 Pack

5 Pack: Double Sided Graphene Transfer Tape

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Thermal Release Tape, 5 pack

Double-coated Structure


Size: 200 mm x 200 mm

100ºC release temperature

The procedure for transferring graphene with the thermal release tape is simple; however, it is difficult to obtain continuous coverage. If continuous coverage is not a requirement, graphene transfer using our thermal release tape may be the best option for you.

Using thermal release tape, the residue is low; however, there is only about 70% coverage and the graphene is not continuous. Using PMMA, there may be mild contamination, but it is high-quality, continuous graphene, at 99% coverage. If you require complete continuous coverage, we strongly recommend purchasing graphene on substrates transferred using the PMMA method at our laboratory.

To learn more about graphene transfer, please refer to our Graphene Transfer Guide

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