Coronene: 250 mg

Coronene: 250 mg

Coronene: 250 mg

Coronene serves applications in the CVD processing of graphene for controlled growth with less defects; it can be used as nucleation seeds to improve graphene growth at low temperatures, which has cost advantages over high-temperature graphene growth for large-scale production.

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Purity: 97%

Form: Yellow-Yellow Gold Fibrous Powder

Weight: 250 mg

Graphene grown with coronene seeding is shown to have a higher carrier mobility than graphene grown without coronene. Papers report graphene fabricated at 400 °C by the seed-assisted process reached 912 cm2 V−1 s−1, which is considerably higher than that of 300 cm2 V−1 s−1 measured on graphene prepared without seeding.

Coronene may also have applications in graphene/copper hybrid interconnects as well as graphene based flexible electronics.

As evident from HPLC chromatography analysis (L-Leucine column as chiral stationary phase and isooctane/dichloromethane aa a mobile phase), the product is of high purity. Infrared spectral analysis exhibits characteristic absorption frequencies consistent with the structure of a coronene molecule.

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