CVD Graphene Film/CVD h-BN Film Heterostructure on SiO2/Si wafer: 8 Pack

CVD Graphene Film/CVD h-BN Film Heterostructure on SiO2/Si wafer: 8 Pack

CVD Graphene Film/CVD h-BN Film Heterostructure on SiO2/Si wafer: 8 Pack


CVD Graphene/CVD Hexagonal Boron Nitride heterostructure on SiO2/Si wafer


Properties of Graphene/h-BN Film:

Single Layer Graphene Film on Single Layer h-BN Film transferred onto 285 nm (p-doped) SiO2/Si wafer

Size: 1cmx1cm; 8 pack

The thickness and quality of each film is controlled by Raman Spectroscopy

The coverage of this product is about 98%

The films are continuous, with minor holes and organic residues

High Crystalline Quality

The graphene film is premodominantly single layer (more than 95%) with occasional small multilayer islands (less than 5% bi-layers)

Sheet Resistance: 430-800 Ω/square

Transfer of each film shown below

The graphene film as well as the h-BN film is grown via CVD method on the copper foil, then transferred onto the SiO2/Si wafer.

To view the characterizations of the film before the transfer, see our related product Graphene on Copper Foil and h-BN on Copper foil.


Properties of Silicon/Silicon Dioxide Wafers:

Oxide Thickness: 285 nm

Oxide Thickness: 285 nm

Color: Violet

Wafer thickness: 525 micron

Resistivity: 0.001-0.005 ohm-cm

Type/Dopant: P/Boron

Orientation: <100>

Front Surface: Polished

Back Surface: Etched



Graphene/hBN interfaces are used where the graphene needs to be precisely gated, for increased mobility, and for reduced scattering.

h-BN is appealing as a substrate for graphene-based electronics because its surface is atomically smooth, it is free of dangling bonds, and has an analogous structure to graphene.

Using our h-BN on SiO2/Si wafers in conjuction with graphene will encourage you to explore graphene heterostructures for transistor applications


Our graphene/h-BN films are manufactured using a PMMA assisted transfer method. Please refer to the references below for more details.

We can offer custom sizes of graphene/h-BN films on a 4" wafer. Please contact us at for more details.


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